Lotek Kalipah Apo 42 or Lotek Kalipo known as a place to sell Lotek that unique and famous culinary Bandung. Foods that are similar to or Ketoprak consists of watercress, bean sprouts, and cabbage boiled and mixed with spicy peanut sauce. The difference is the vegetable content of Lotek more than gado-gado, besides sauce (spices) are mixed with vegetable while gado-gado being sprayed on it.

Peanut sauce using greater galingale, water and acid and potatoes pulverized until smooth. It is said, boiled potatoes in a peanut sauce is what makes sense lotek more sweet. Other seasonings are chili, brown sugar, onion, and garlic. Also typical of the Lotek Kalipo are red beans and sugar which purchased at a place and are strictly sorted. Even the beans are not fried but roasted.

Called Lotek Kalipah Apo 42 because according to the name of the street and no house in which it was sold lotek, namely Kalipah Apo Street Number 42. Lotek Kalipo has been initiated since 1953, initially only used in front of the shop houses. But in the 1970s, the name Lotek Kalipo began to be discussed to prosper in the 1980s. Currently, if the weekend could reach 200 people per day.

Besides lotek, Lotek Kalipo also sell various Bandung foods such as compote, vinegar rujak, candil, sagurangi porridge. There is no reason for you through this one culinary while visiting Bandung.


Lotek: 11.000 Rupiah
Rice: 3.500 Rupiah
Lontong: 3.500 Rupiah
Mixed Compote: 10.000 Rupiah
Banana Compote: 10.000 Rupiah
Candil: 10.000 Rupiah
Sagurangi Porridge: 10.000 Rupiah
Jali Porridge: 10.000 Rupiah
Lemu Porridge: 10.000 Rupiah
Pacar Porridge: 10.000 Rupiah
Caca Porridge: 10.000 Rupiah
Black Rice Porridge: 10.000 Rupiah
Rujak Asinan: 10.000 Rupiah
Rujak Ulek: 10.000 Rupiah
Mixed Rujak : 10.000 Rupiah
Rujak Tumbuk: 10.000 Rupiah
Rujak Banci: 10.000 Rupiah
Cendol Ice: 10.000 Rupiah
Mixed Ice: 10.000 Rupiah
Coconut Ice: 10.000 Rupiah

Source : Balarea

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A bakery that has existed since 1960 is still held by it's uniqueness. The process of making and recipes still traditional concept, without preservatives, and a limited amount of production (home industry) making Sidodadi Bread not left by customers.

Sidodadi Bread in Otto Iskandardinata strret No. 255, the position was difficult to find if viewed from the vehicle because it was blocked by street vendors and rickshaw parked in front of shop. You have to walk a few meters to the south along the sidewalk after the T-intersection between Otto Iskandardinata street and Kepatihan street. Shop sign written Sidodadi be seen clearly above the store entrance.

Upon entering the store, a simple image will appear with glass windows placed where the variety of bread complete with the name and price. This store is never quiet, you will see the crowd buyers every day. Store employees were always quick to serve these shoppers through the window.

Bread also offers a wide taste and shape. Bread horn with fla milk, brown bread, krenten bread, raisin bread, pineapple bread, cheese bread, corn bread, etc.. Also Sidodadi Bread is quite popular with frans chocolate and frans plain, also crocodile bread to order first.


Frans Plain: 7.000 Rupiah
Frans Chocolate: 7.500 Rupiah
Banana Bread: 2.500 Rupiah
Cheese Banana Bread: 2.500 Rupiah
Corn Bread: 2.600 Rupiah
Sausage Bread: 2.700 Rupiah
Peanut Bread: 2.500 Rupiah
Milk Bread: 2.400 Rupiah
Krenten Bread: 2.400 Rupiah
Pineapple Bread: 2.400 Rupiah
Horn Bread: 2.400 Rupiah
Chicken Baso Bread: 2.500 Rupiah
Beef Baso Bread: 2.500 Rupiah

Source : Balarea

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Bandung Zoo is the place of ex-situ conservation which contains various types of animals. Location is at Taman Sari Street, adjacent to the ITB campus. The zoo was founded in 1930 and inaugurated in 1933 by the Dutch East Indies government in order as a wildlife conservation and family recreation.

There are three entrances to the Zoo, First Door (old) under (Southwest), Second Door is in a junction between Ganesha street and Taman Sari street, while the third Door adjacent to the Taman Sari Art Gallery. Admission price 11.000 Rupiah already including accident insurance and PMI funds.

Some animals are placed in a special room filled like a tiger species. Wire cages filled with various kinds of birds and monkeys, and open-walled cage for species such as Deer, Orang Utan, Bull and Camel. The atmosphere is thick and wide enough area to give something different for the visitors. This is often used by visitors to eat supplies with the family.

The interesting thing is the topsy-turvy ride, with a price of 5000 rupiah visitors can ride the elephant and camel led by officers. Besides providing the topsy-turvy ride for a different experience, as well as a means to build affinity visitors with animals so there is a sense of caring for animals. When you ride a Elephants try to hold tight on the officers, because they do not provide special seats like when riding a Camel.

Source : Balarea

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Traffic Park or also known as the Garden of Ade Irma Suryani Nasution is a place to play and education for the children. Field that vast and cool complete with a variety of games and pictures and explanations of traffic signs will add insight to every visitor who came to this park.

In this park there is one of the interesting features of the train which can be used by visitors around some of this park. By paying 4000 Rupiah (excluding ticket price) visitors will gain experience directly in the traffic because the train will run through traffic signs such as in real traffic. In addition to railway facilities, the park also contains a swimming pool, cycling arena as cross signs on the highway actually, an open stage, a library, and a mini flying fox.

This traffic park is open from Monday to Sunday from 9 a.m - 4 p.m. Ticket prices Monday - Friday 4000 Rupiah and holidays (Saturday - Sunday) 5000 Rupiah.

Source : Balarea

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Bandung Square is a public facility in the form of a city park. Located adjacent to the shopping center and office square makes a comfortable place to sit down and relax before continuing the activity again. Masjid Raya Bandung is located on the west add interest Bandung Square. A combination of both is like an oasis in the middle of the psychological frenzied activity.

Major renovations carried out from 2001 to 2003 in the Bandung Square following Masjid Raya Bandung. Once the name of this mosque is the Great Mosque, and then transformed into Masjid Raya Bandung after inaugurated by the then Governor of West Java HR Nuriana. The existence of the Bandung square and Masjid Raya Bandung except as directions for the orientation of the region, also provides religious character of the city of Bandung.

In past time, the town square is used for formal purposes of government, such as military ceremonies, ceremonies of worship or even a party and the night market. Before there was the concept of the municipality, the city referred to as district and led by a regent (Bupati). Previous Bupati Bandung is across the street south of the town square.

Large trees located on the west side square to create a sheltered atmosphere when the sun was so hot. In addition, the Bandung Square as large playground and even into the night playing under bright moonlight with a comfortable feeling.

The Bandung Square lies strategic, located close to the locations of other attractions. Flanked by Dalem Kaum Street and Asia-Africa Street. You only need to walk about 5 minutes to the center of books and magazines Cikapundung or forward it to Braga Street. Vehicles can be parked around the town square, when full you can park your car at the Dalem Kaum shopping center.

Source : Balarea

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Cihampelas Street is a very popular place since 1987. The street has about two kilometers long and about six feet wide is known as jeans shopping area that is always packed with tourists on weekends.

Uniquely Cihampelas street is owned by statues of his superhero. Spiderman, Rambo and Superman is one of the superhero statues that adorn the front of the shops in Cihampelas. In addition, a variety of Bandung souvenirs and gifts can be found in around this road. That is why Cihampelas be the right choice when you visit the Bandung city.

Cihampelas region initially filled only by a photocopy service and some regular jeans store. Until, eventually developing into one of the tourist shopping in Bandung which combines elements of art with the shopping. Now Cihampelas area have more vivid with 25 stores jeans presence of competing in terms of design, product and price. All stores are designed in accordance with the character highlighted.

Not only jeans are offered by Cihampelas, various types of clothing can be found along this road. Clothes with military force, t-shirts, which motivated Bandung, and other clothing helped enliven Cihampelas.

In addition to clothing and jeans center, on Cihampelas street have the famous icon of Cihampelas Walk (Ciwalk). A lifestyle center with a open and green walk concept. You can enjoy the open space to gather, orientation and enjoy entertainment on this Ciwalk.

Parking system on Cihampelas street so far received the attention and strict regulation. If you visit Cihampelas, parking your vehicle by using the compound at each store (off street), can also at some point along the park has been provided and can accommodate many vehicles. After coming back from Cihampelas, you can buy Peuyeum Bandung that can be found in the south region.

Source : Balarea

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Tegallega is a great place to conduct activities in the morning. You can make a leisurely stroll or jogging around the field of Tegallega, or follow the gym in the south and west side of the field. After doing this activity you must have felt hungry, in the east pool there various Bandung hawker centers that you can enjoy.

Tegallega used to be a horse racetrack (the Dutch East Indies). Horse racing games are usually held once a month as a series of festive events and followed by the Royal Dutch participants from all over the Dutch East Indies. But in the 1970s, the Tegallega racecourse was moved to Arcamanik.

Tegallega itself has meaning of the broad field, in accordance with the literal meaning of the Sundanese Language (Tegal : field / land, Lega : broad). With its wide, Tegallega field rather called complex. Inside there is a green open space, swimming pool, Bandung hawker centers, centers of ornamental plants, flowers coupling center, basketball court, soccer field, flower gardens, and monuments Bandung Sea of Fire.

Try to enter because if viewed from outside, the complex of Tegallega not be seen as covered by trees. There are three main access, from west through Otto Iskandardinata (Otista) Street, from the east by Moh. Toha street and from south through the BKR street. Parking located to the west and east of the field.

Source : Balarea

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Braga is the main street in the city of Bandung, which is very popular since the reign of the Dutch East Indies. Until now Braga Streer has always been a tourist destination city of Bandung. Architecture and urban planning that still maintain the European model to be especially unique with its development on the past (1920-1940) as a fashion capital like Paris.

Braga Street was originally just a small road between the settlements of quiet, wet and muddy conditions. This road can only be bypassed by Pedati, could therefore called Pedati Street (Pedatiweg). Until the end around the year 1970 this way develop into an elite area. The name of street has changed from Pedati to Braga is not known, there is mention made of tonil group name and there was also information that the name was adapted from the name Goddess Poetry Bragi. Unlike the case with the public about this way of saying the word Braga taken from Sundanese language of Baraga, which means exploring the Cikapundung River.

Apart from the long history of Braga Street, now the road with length of approximately 700 meters has always been the center of attention of local and foreign tourists. Each shape and angle of the old buildings in Braga Street has always been a very interesting picture, often almost every day there's always people hunting photos in this area.

In addition to building the European-style architecture, in this way can also be found painting vendors. This painting is the work of local painters who are always displayed on each side of Braga Street, making it more colorful way. Not only paintings, art objects such as puppet show, carving and batik also add artistic impression of this region.

At the end of Braga Street, exactly after T-intersection between Braga Street and Suniaraja Street there are the building known as the landmarks are often used for exhibitions.

If you visit Braga Street try to come in the middle of the night. Highlight the dim yellow light that hit some old walls and the silence of the streets and the cold air makes Braga Street has its own charm.

Source : Balarea

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Saguling Reservoir is an artificial reservoir was completed in 1986. This reservoir stem Citarum to the flow of electricity needs. Currently Saguling Reservoir has reorganized into a multipurpose dam, including for the development of fisheries, agriculture and tourism.

Regions surrounding hills with plenty of water sources that contribute to the reservoir. In the south there is the campsite which has an atmosphere of trees that shade and cool. You can stroll around the dam with a view of the beautiful green valley in the west, or around the dam to the place with enough altitude to see the dam as a whole. There are stairs in this place that you can go down.

Saguling Reservoir not only object that you can visit in this area. The sight of two big yellow pipe you can visit after leaving the resevoir precisely in Saguling hydropower. In addition there is a sanghyang tikoro underground caves along approximately 200 meters where the flow of Citarum is divided into two and went into the cave and then exit at sangiangkenit and rejoined the main flow.

Sanghyangtikoro derived from the Sundanese, Sanghyang means god and Tikoro means throat. There is a myth that if we put sticks into the cave Sanghyangtikoro will scream pain God's voice (Sanghyang) from the throat (Tikoro).

Saguling Reservoirs is in the area of West Bandung Regency. When using the tollroad, exit at Padalarang door into the main road Bandung-Cianjur. Continue your journey through Cipatat until arrived in the region of Rajamandala. Began entering the area of Rajamandala, there Saguling Gate Reservoir on the left side of the road. After going through the gate and entered the cocoa garden there is a junction, take the road to the left into Saguling Reservoir. Uphill road conditions through steep slopes, and past Bedil Waterfall. Sanghyangtikoro located from Saguling Reservoir go to back to the main road and at junction choose left direction into Saguling Hydropower. Position adjacent to this Saguling Hydropower, which is at the west end of the building.

Source : Balarea

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Cilaki Park also known as Elderly Parks was among Cilaki Street and Cisangkuy Street. On weekends the park is often packed with visitors as a beautiful environment and rang the vendor and the leasing of horses. On normal days, the park is quiet enough so that it can be an alternative place to relieve fatigue from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Cilaki Park can also be used as a Jogging tracks, the best time is morning and evening. After Jogging, you can enjoy a variety of food in tents around the park or enjoying Yogurt Cisangkuy east of the park.

There are some interesting places around Cilaki Park. To the west of the park are the Museum Pos Indonesia and Sate Building, and on the north there is the Museum of Geology and Gasibu. At night, at the southern end of the park stood the tents that offer a variety of food ranging from seafood, Nasi Goreng, Ayam Bakar and Bajigur to drink.

Cilaki Park can also be used as a shooting location for prawedding. Shade trees and Bridges in its park is an interesting place as a background image.

Source : Balarea

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Pasar Baru is known as a shopping place various types of clothing at a cheap price. This place is frequented by local and foreign tourists, the crowds not only at the end of the week, even on ordinary days Pasar Baru is always crowded visit.

Various types of clothing offered at the Pasar Baru. Kids clothing, adult clothing, hijab, batik and Mukena available up in Pasar Baru. Not only that, this market also sells blankets, sheets, cloth, shoes, and curtains. Choice for shopping when you visit Bandung, because in addition to the completeness of the type of clothes they offer, the Pasar Baru is also famous for its cheap and negotiable, too often sales-bargains offered by some shops in Pasar Baru.

Pasar Baru today is the renovation of the City Government of Bandung in 2001, conditions are more comfortable with the 7th floor of each floor sells different products. Each floor is connected by escalators, parking facility can accommodate approximately 500 cars and thousands of motorcycles.

This Market with 4500 traders was originally only the traditional markets that have existed since the 19th century. Initiated by the merchants who live and run their business in this area. The merchant came from Priangan, Java, Palembang and even India and Arabia.

Location Pasar Baru is located at the north end Otto Iskandardinata Street, near the intersection Suniaraja Street. In addition to clothing and other clothing materials, in Pasar Baru shops also sell souvenirs typical of Bandung. Types of gifts such as dodol, wajit, chips and oncom crisps can you buy at these stores.

Source : Balarea

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Exchange of books and magazines in the West Cikapundung Street is quite famous for its existence since the 1980s. Magazines are dominated by imports, although there are also several local magazines, but there were not many import magazines. In addition to magazines, used books were a lot of imports sold in Cikapundung. The diversity of themes and content and prices add to the attraction side of this place.

Located in the west parking Distribution Branch Office PLN West Java & Banten. Exchange Books and Magazines Cikapundung not only sell the old publications, books and magazines latest issue was sold, but with a very limited amount.

One of these interesting places in Bandung City can be an alternative tourism on the sidelines of your visit to places of interest around Cikapundung. The south is the town square of Bandung (Alun-Alun Bandung) with his great mosque, or you can see the Legendary Well of Bandung at the end of Cikapundung court, precisely in the area of PLN Office.

Source : Balarea

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Bandung City also famous with its cheap t-shirt price...So, dont pass these factory outlets that across along Dago area in Bandung...Have a nice holiday in Bandung, Paris Van Java :)

Factory Outlet

Jl. P. Diponegoro 30
Bandung - West Java, Indonesia
phone : +62 22 7200233
faxcimile : +62 22 7200189
This outlet has a large enough area and always seemed busy. Because these outlets sell products of diverse and good quality, although there is rarely discounted. For the price, only around Rp. 35,000 - Rp. 150,000. Outlet is a bit far from downtown about 40 minute with motor vehicles and about 200 M to the left, you can find that the kebabs building the governor's residence in Bandung. Opening hours this outlet is pk.09.00 - 21:00 pm.

FOS Clothing Gallery
Jl. Setiabudhi No: 73
Bandung - West Java, Indonesia
phone : +62 22 2043676

Jl. R.E. Martadinata 26
Bandung - West Java, Indonesia
phone : +62 22 4220545

Rich & Famous
Jl. Ir. H. Djuanda No. 14
Bandung - West Java, Indonesia
phone : +62 22 4265222

STAR FASHION Factory Outlet
Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No.108
Bandung - West Java, Indonesia
phone : +62 22 2510000

Terminal Mode
Jl. Lombok 45
Bandung - West Java, Indonesia
phone : +62 22 4239656

The Summit Boutique Outlet
Jl. Riau No. 61
Bandung - West Java, Indonesia
phone : +62 22 4221001
This outlet is quite popular with the place, brand, product variety and quality. This place is also one of the places frequented by tourists from various places. Opening hours on average at 09.00-21.00 WIB. The average price of about Rp. 25.000 - Rp. 500,000. A little far from downtown about 40 minute with a motor vehicle.

Warung Gaul Fashion Outlet
Jl. Cihampelas 151
Bandung - West Java, Indonesia
phone : +62 22 2034987

Bale Anak Outlet
Jl. Sumatra 31
Bandung - West Java, Indonesia
phone : +62 22 4215606

Best Choice
Jl. Sukajadi 227
Bandung - West Java, Indonesia
phone : +62 22 2030924

Big Price Cut
Jl. Aceh 66
Bandung - West Java, Indonesia
phone : +62 22 4202166

Blossom Factory Outlet
Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 112
Bandung - West Java, Indonesia
phone : +62 22 2501745
This outlet is quite famous in Bandung with an elegant design which is dominated by black color, adding to the curiosity of tourists visit this place. For existing products do not disappoint, because the quality is good and has an attractive design and variety. This place is often visited by tourists, especially on weekends and holidays. For hours, this place is open pk.09.00-21:00 pm. A little far from downtown about 35 minute with a motor vehicle. The offer price ranges from Rp. 35,000 - Rp. 500,000.

Source : Bandung Tourism

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Don't just passing by in Bandung, stay longer and feel the experience of Sundanesse Culture in modern city. Many Activities that you can do in Bandung. More entertainment, more mall, more store, more ... Find out the right place for you. get more information in selected Place ...


BCW (Braga City Walk)
Jl. Braga 99-101
Bandung - 40111
West Java, Indonesia
Braga Citywalk (BCW) is the only mixed use development in Bandung that combines a shopping center, condominium, and the Aston hotel.

BEC (Bandung Electronic Center)
Jl. Purnawarman
Bandung - 40117
West Java, Indonesia

BIP (Bandung Indah Plaza)
Jl. Merdeka No. 56
Bandung - 40115
West Java, Indonesia
Bandung Indah Plaza is the oldest shopping mall in Bandung. It was founded sometime in early 80s and became an icon in Bandung shopping scene during that era. Earlier on, the people of Bandung only knew the concept of department stores and supermarket.

BSM (Bandung Super Mall)
Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto 289
Bandung - 40274
West Java, Indonesia
Bandung Supermal is the place where you will enjoy an endless array of shopping and entertainment experience in Bandung. BSM is located at the center of Bandung, Jalan Gatot Subroto, only five minutes driving from Jalan Asia Afrika.

BTC Fashion Mall
Jl Dr Djundjunan 143-149 Bandung
Bandung - 40161
West Java, Indonesia
BTC is the object Mall shopping, especially with regard to fashion due to fashion or the latest fashion trend often begins here, with the main goal is to Bandung society family in particular and society in general outside Bandung, especially the women.

Ciwalk (Cihampelas Walk)
Jl. Cihampelas 160
Bandung - 40116
West Java, Indonesia
Cihampelas Walk is a different area, beautiful and clean it was conditioned visitors to be more comfortable shopping. A walk in Cihampelas at noon, afternoon, and night will feel different atmosphere. Lights from each outlet and the main building at night to build a different atmosphere, not to mention the cascade and loops hanging lights on trees around out door Cihampelas Walk.

IBCC (Istana Building Commodities Center)
Jl. Ahmad Yani 296
Bandung - 40262
West Java, Indonesia
Istana Building Commodities Center is a mall with one stop shopping concept for the purposes of development, home living, computers and electronics of the largest in Indonesia.

IP (Istana Plaza)
Jl. Pasirkaliki 121-123
Bandung - 40171
West Java, Indonesia

ITC (International Trade Center)
Jl. Kebon Kalapa
Bandung - 40234
West Java, Indonesia

KING'S Shopping Center
Jl. Kepatihan 11-17
Bandung - 40251
West Java, Indonesia

Paris Van Java
Jl. Karang Tinggal No.7
Bandung - 40162
West Java, Indonesia
So what makes Paris Van Java unique? Well lets say it like this, why fly to Europe when you can go to Paris Van Java, its a little piece of Europe and more. Paris Van Java has a unique concept with an open-air resort layout. Walk down Via Latina and enjoy strolling next to white doves from Holland. Why not visit our Strawberry Land, take a walk in the green area, pick some strawberries, read a book from Gramedia, get a bite to eat in any of our delicious dining options, do some shopping in any of our great stores. Located in the heart of Bandung's most upscale region, Paris Van Java is situated in the Sukajadi area. Our resort and lifestyle place contains around 200 tenants that offer different types of products and services.

Pasar Baru
Jl. Otto Iskandardinata
Bandung - 40242
West Java, Indonesia

Paskal Hyper Square
Jl. Pasirkaliki 25-27
Bandung - 40161
West Java, Indonesia

Planet Dago
Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 3
Bandung - 40117
West Java, Indonesia

Plaza Dago
Jl. Dr. Ir. H. Juanda No. 61-63
Bandung - 40116
West Java, Indonesia
Dago Plaza currently has transformed the concept into "Entertainment Building" We provide a variety of places to hang out young and the young executives (with ages between 15 s / d 40 years) and those outside the age they will be but still youthful.

Premier Plaza
Jl. Cuhampelas
Bandung - 40171
West Java, Indonesia

YOGYA Dept Store
Jl. Kepatihan no. 18
Bandung - 40251
West Java, Indonesia

Source : Bandung Tourism

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Jl. Prof. Ir. Sutami 91
Bandung - 40152
West Java, Indonesia

: +62 22 20118

Type of Collection:
Demonstrate contemporary aspect swan song and demonstrate painting masterpiece from some famous actor and artist

Description :

Base on the taught of give aware about important art appreciation to the society, according with developing of art which go forward by speed, also prepare place or room for perform the creation of artist so can be enjoyed by public, so established Barli Museum which dedication by : "Tourism Post Minister and Telecommunications (MENPARPOSTEL)” at October 26, 1992. Construction of Barli museum base on Barli Sasmita concept which was hidden since tens years ago, so without limit and his actor to realization his ideal, all family participate in effort to supported for established this museum. Also Charles Ali helps him too, the young architect of Bandung, and so the concept can be realization.

Established of Barli Museum also looked of style of developing fine art as member of ”Kelompok Lima Bandung“. (together with Affandi, Hendra Gunawan, Wahdi Sumanta, and Sudarso) from period to other period, begin at has realism, at the beginning Barli step as painter, impressionism and expressionism.

The museum which has character as appreciation facilities collecting many creation of fine art choosing of esthetic value which proper as historical milestone of Bandung fine art journey.

In their developing, this museum was give many participate also increasing fell love to father land and developing of art culture. Variety of the activities which organize in special room as: exhibition of fine art creation (in room exhibition), selling of exhibit creation, discuss, saresehan about fine art with variety titles are: social, culture, economic, and IPTEK (in discuss room), selling of creation, souvenir, workshop, studio training of painting (training room), published of schedule, and documentation.

The variety of those activities, doing to reach the appreciation level of public to world of Indonesia art, beside to saving and environment of art creation for discover of historical value, also as sign about the existence of Barli in occupy the world of Indonesia art.

For every body that interest to visit this museum can come in Saturday until Thursday on 09.00 – 17.00 WIB. While on Friday and holiday closed.

Brief History about Barli

NOWADAYS, in Bandung there are many buildings of Dutch epoch protected by Cultural Code Pledge, in order not to be destroyed by society. But, if society wish to know what and how Dutch people activity in Town of Bandung at the time, in which museum is we can get date about it all? IN THE FIELD OF fine arts for example, there is many fine arts critic circle saying that growth and growth of modern fine arts is in Indonesia started from Bandung. But its problem later; then, is there any in Bandung a fine arts museum that can explain all completely? Such question very easy answered that in Bandung there is Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, what demonstrate contemporary aspect swan songs of artist of Sunaryo and of Museum Barli which demonstrate painting masterpieces of artist of Barli Sasmitawinata, that all woke up self-support alias from kocek all its actor. And so it is with existence of Gallery AD Pirous which demonstrate artist masterpieces AD Pirous and his wife, Erna Pirous, and also Studio Paint Jeihan which demonstrate masterpieces artist of Jeihan Sukmantoro. Including, August Gallery property of late artist of Sudjana Kerton.

Barli Sasmitawinata

Artistic Maestro Paint of Realistic Indonesia
Barli Sasmitawinata is artistic maestro of paint of realistic. Man which born in Bandung 18 March 1921 that become artist early by request of its in-laws sister, year 1935, Sasmitawinata, so that Barli start to learn to paint in studio property of Jos Pluimentz, an artist of Belgium who live in Bandung.

Last Barli learning many to paint object nature and him is the single indigenous pupil in studio. In studio of Barli learning many to recognize conditions paint.

Barli trained intensively see object because realistic still very popular at the time. Pluimentz of the teacher, even also always say, way of seeing common people and actor have to differ.

Common people unable to see artistic aspect something object as actor. Barli later on day learn to Luigi Nobili, Italian artist. In this studio also Barli start to get acquainted with Affandi, what at that time still make a living by becoming model to Luigi. In studio property of that Luigi Nobilo in secrecy Affandi follow to learn to paint.

With Affandi, Hendra Gunawan, Soedarso, and Wahdi Sumanta, Barli Sasmitawinata form "Group Five Bandung". That Group is formed by early from very admiration from a Barli and third its friend to Affandi. Relation among is fifth of group member is finally formed to become like just you. If painting everywhere always together. Including opportunity of journey of Barli till to Bali.

Barli in year 1948 have founded Art Gallery Aspect Soul of Mukti. Last, go home from Europe, in year 1958 Barli again found studio of Rangga Gempol. Now Barli have Artistic Bale of Barli in Padalarang. Barli mention an aspiration namely wish to have pupil which clever to not even draw but can coexist with is other.

Barli is artist at the same time learn. Have many student which he teach in Technological Institute of Bandung (ITB) and also pupil which he guide in its property art gallery, grow to become self-supporting actor. Some among former that pupil and student sometimes there is disregarding Barli as teacher. But, proud of liver he is, figure a kind of AD Pirous remain to confess Barli as one of the teacher.

Besides AD Pirous, there is also some its pupil which is nowadays recalled as artist which with character, like Huang Fong (late). Or, Chusin Setiadikara which remain to look after its his artistic stock but going through road; street difficult to make him become art which continue can have a meaning of in the middle of chess various style and tendency of new art.

Journey of career paint Barli started by since year 1930-an as famous illustrator in Hall Book, Jakarta. He is also an illustrator for a few rising newspaper in Bandung. The Skill still continues in year 1950-a moment he has exploring world to foreign countries. Namely, when Barli lifted to become illustrator at magazine of De Modern B├ęchamel in Amsterdam, and magazine of Der Lichtenbogen in Recklinghausen, Germany. Barli is artist example of and teacher getting education well since adolescent age until then he has a time to learn to French and Dutch.

Opportunity of Barli study at the same time act in European continent early in year 1950 time he get bursary of Government of Dutch to learn in Academia Grande Chummier la de, Paris, French. Barli still continue study in Rijksacademie Beeldende Kunsten voor, Amsterdam, Dutch, until year 1956. Because his depicture action is which in such a way length, artistic critic of Jim Supangkat in its book "Continued Dot" placing Barli Sasmitawinata as continued dot two bunch growth of art paint Indonesia: artistic of paint a period of modern paint art and colonial of Indonesia.

Explained by Jim, in one side of Barli can be seen as going on growth of art paint a period of colonial. But on the other side Barli represent the part of growth of modern paint art of Indonesia opposing art paint a period to itself colonial.

Governmental of Visible Indonesia Republic very care of journey of artistic maestro career paint of realistic this Indonesia. Just with its birthday at 18 March 2004 some its paint masterpiece is displayed by in National Gallery, Jakarta. Including displayed a painting which is Barli finish only few days before its anniversary of 83rd, fairish more than two meter multiply two meter. Opening of exhibition done direct by State's Minister Culture and Tourism, I Gede Ardika, taking place since 18 till 31 March 2004.

Even, PT Post Indonesia partakes to show very high appreciation to big actor of birth of that Bandung. Special Post Indonesia publish pictorial stamp of Self portrait painting reproduction, a famous painting which is Barli make in year 1974.

At the same time celebration of anniversary of 83rd that is launched also a composition book of Nakisbandiah, wife both of Barli after first wife pass away 11 July 199, entitling "My life with Barli". Barli the first do (late) Marry Atikah Basari in Fence of Ageung year 1946 at the (time) of still reside in evacuation because war.

That First nuptials bestowed by two so called child people of Grand of Wiwekakaputera and of Nirwati Chandra Dewi. Last Barli return married age moment have 71 year that times; rill with Nakisbandiah which devoted to still consort its life. Result of nuptials of previous Nakisbandiah with D Mawardi (late) bestowed by four people of princes, that is Kartini, Sartika, Mia Meutia (dying year 1977), and Indira. Hence, as a whole family of Barli have 15 grandchild and six people of grandchild.

Barli share contagious big enough of science to its pupils. Don't know in its campus teach ITB Bandung and also in its art gallery. Barli is artist example of and teacher getting education well since adolescent age until then learn art paint to French till Dutch.

In Europe of Barli obtain; get many principles paint anatomy intensively. Lesson of anatomy, for artist very see muscles exist in outside non muscle which in. Have, during two year in Europe of Barli each; every two hour in one day only drawing nude (naked people) just, something that have never been questioned properly or not over there because if for the sake of is academic that thing is assumed by habit.

Barli mention, grad someone from academic draw people ought to surely can because technical domination will stimulate inspiration. His examples experience of moment learns to go up difficult bicycle once just wrong because a few surely fall. But moment has mastered technical cycle someone can continue to pedal at the same time mind can everywhere. Paint even also that way, if have known is technical of him it is therefore minded and feeling of artist which is road; street.

Although artist of Barli realistic confess enough understand abstraction because artistic according to him it is true abstraction. Artistic is value. Each time see masterpiece which is Barli realistic exactly take an interest in its facets of him. Like facets location of composition which is abstraction which cannot be explained by its own artist.

Barli mention also, artist which drawing real realistic is defining meaning. Examples him again, if seeing a grandfather hence he will take an interest in its age, his human. So that surely he will portray him by realistic because age problem cannot be portrayed with abstraction. Depicting grief of human being more able to be portrayed by realistic than abstraction.

Teacher and that Artist Have Gone
Barli Sasmitawinata (86), teacher and artist which play important role in growth of Indonesia fine arts, have gone. This actor dies ill At Home Advent Bandung, Thursday 8 February 2007 around at 16.30.

"Father enters hospital, Thursday around at 08.00, because asphyxia and cough, but its phlegm cannot go out. Transfusion have time to blood, but Mr. later; then die, "wife word of Barli, Nakisbandiah (66), moment contacted from Jakarta, Thursday Evening.

Health of Barli deteriorates last half month. He have time to enter Hospital of Advent Bandung, 8 January 2007, effect of respiration trouble, kidney, and blood sugar go up. After experiencing six times cleans blood, its condition has time to be good and enabled to go home. But, Thursday yesterday, he returns to enter hospital.

Corpse of is interred at home and Barli museum in Road; Street of Sutami 91, Setrasari, Karangsetra, Town of Bandung. Funeral planned by this Friday. Barli leave 2 children contain, 3 stepchild, 15 grandchild, and 9 offspring. After first wife of him, Atikah Basari, dying year 1991, Barli marry again with Nakisbandiyah year 1992.

"Till few days before is bad off, Father remain to paint and teach. Even, moment at home pain, Mr. still have time to make sleep people sketch," child word both of Barli, Chandra Dewi Rahmadi (57). Barli is important buttonhole in history and growth of fine arts in Indonesia. He is known as by teacher with picture science (beautiful drawing), artist of realist which is reliable, and also joins with artist of struggle during independence. Final till its body, he consistent elaborates its choice in the middle of change of epoch.

As teacher, Barli have elementary stock of strong academic picture science. Enunciated it Just, he learn in Academia Grande Chummier la de, Paris, French, year 1950, later; then in Rijksacademie Beeldende Kunsten voor, Amsterdam, Dutch, until year 1956.

Art of Realistic

According to Jim fine arts critic of Supangkat, Barli occupy position in art of realistic as bases growth of fine arts in Indonesia. Barli paint people faces to the manner born are there him. Give image differ in the middle of masterpiece painting artist of Dutch depicting indigenous face badly. That other also with painting of Basuki Abdullah, what ***have come too far unintentionally** deal with more expressing realist painting "jiwa kethok", as voiced by artist of Soedjojono.

“Its masterpiece possible rather less is popular compared to masterpiece artist of Affandi or of Hendra Gunawan. But, role of Barli in the world of fine arts of vital importance. He resides in at 'continued dot' among art paint a period to modern paint art and colonial of Indonesia. If will look for painting base of realistic, yes to Barli," he said.

Enin Supriyanto, observer of fine arts which have learnt to paint at Barli, laying open, Barli comprehend equipments detail and paint media, like pen, inking, water color, crayon, and oil color. His even also master sciences paint academically, for example human being body anatomy, color, line, composition, or perspective.

"Anatomy body problem, Barli even knock by heart until his Latin term," word of Enin.

That Ability tries contagiously of Barli to its pupils with system and discipline. Each; Every pupil asked to recognize appliance character and learn in phases. To Barli, artist has to master science draw truly.

Go home from Europe, year 1958, Barli found Gallery of Rangga Gempol in Dago area, Bandung. Barli have time to teach art paint in Technological Institute of Bandung (ITB) and follow to blaze the way forming of fine arts majors in Vocational Institute and Science Education (IKIP) Bandung-now University Education of Indonesia (UPI).

Afterwards, Barli chose the more teaching pupil informally in gallery. After Gallery of Rangga Gempol year exist 1960 - 1980, he develop; build study at the same time its his in Setrasari, Karangsetra, Bandung, then found Artistic Bale of Barli in New Town, Padalarang, Bandung.

Its Efficacy as teacher can be seen from a number of its pupil which blooming becomes strong artist. Mention among others, Popo Iskandar, Srihadi Soedarsono, Yusuf Affendi, AD Pirous, Anton Huang, R Rudiyat Martadiraja, Chusin Setiadikara, Sam Bimbo, Rudi Pranajaya.

Chusin (58) including one of the success pupil develop picture science base become reckoned in swan song is contemporary artistic map. Its masterpiece has reputation either in international world. Artist who nowadays lives in Kuta, Bali, this has pocketed appreciation of Beijing International Art Biennale year 2005.

Bandung Mamannoor lay open, Barli become aspirator to some artist generation in Bandung. Barli always affirm, paint is life discipline experienced hotly and productive have masterpiece. He is having masterpiece to in many pattern, but its assiduity at pattern of realistic defended to pass tide - withdraw friction of epoch.

Adolescent moment, around in the middle of the year 1930, Barli merge into 'Group Five' with Affandi, Hendra Gunawan, Sudarso, and Wahdi. He has the spirit of high nationalist.

"Moment happened debate of social realism of in the middle of the 1960, Taft Barli stand up alone. He is eyewitness live and reference is necessary for journey of that moment fine arts," he said.
Barli have accepted appreciation of Satyalencana Culture of President in the year 2000. Its departure is big loss to Fatherland fine arts world. Teacher draw in Artistic Bale of Barli, Hendra (32), story, Commendation Barli have time to family to look after that education institute. One day before dying, he has time to continue painting in room; chamber.

Source : Bandung Tourism

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