Bandung Zoo is the place of ex-situ conservation which contains various types of animals. Location is at Taman Sari Street, adjacent to the ITB campus. The zoo was founded in 1930 and inaugurated in 1933 by the Dutch East Indies government in order as a wildlife conservation and family recreation.

There are three entrances to the Zoo, First Door (old) under (Southwest), Second Door is in a junction between Ganesha street and Taman Sari street, while the third Door adjacent to the Taman Sari Art Gallery. Admission price 11.000 Rupiah already including accident insurance and PMI funds.

Some animals are placed in a special room filled like a tiger species. Wire cages filled with various kinds of birds and monkeys, and open-walled cage for species such as Deer, Orang Utan, Bull and Camel. The atmosphere is thick and wide enough area to give something different for the visitors. This is often used by visitors to eat supplies with the family.

The interesting thing is the topsy-turvy ride, with a price of 5000 rupiah visitors can ride the elephant and camel led by officers. Besides providing the topsy-turvy ride for a different experience, as well as a means to build affinity visitors with animals so there is a sense of caring for animals. When you ride a Elephants try to hold tight on the officers, because they do not provide special seats like when riding a Camel.

Source : Balarea

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