A bakery that has existed since 1960 is still held by it's uniqueness. The process of making and recipes still traditional concept, without preservatives, and a limited amount of production (home industry) making Sidodadi Bread not left by customers.

Sidodadi Bread in Otto Iskandardinata strret No. 255, the position was difficult to find if viewed from the vehicle because it was blocked by street vendors and rickshaw parked in front of shop. You have to walk a few meters to the south along the sidewalk after the T-intersection between Otto Iskandardinata street and Kepatihan street. Shop sign written Sidodadi be seen clearly above the store entrance.

Upon entering the store, a simple image will appear with glass windows placed where the variety of bread complete with the name and price. This store is never quiet, you will see the crowd buyers every day. Store employees were always quick to serve these shoppers through the window.

Bread also offers a wide taste and shape. Bread horn with fla milk, brown bread, krenten bread, raisin bread, pineapple bread, cheese bread, corn bread, etc.. Also Sidodadi Bread is quite popular with frans chocolate and frans plain, also crocodile bread to order first.


Frans Plain: 7.000 Rupiah
Frans Chocolate: 7.500 Rupiah
Banana Bread: 2.500 Rupiah
Cheese Banana Bread: 2.500 Rupiah
Corn Bread: 2.600 Rupiah
Sausage Bread: 2.700 Rupiah
Peanut Bread: 2.500 Rupiah
Milk Bread: 2.400 Rupiah
Krenten Bread: 2.400 Rupiah
Pineapple Bread: 2.400 Rupiah
Horn Bread: 2.400 Rupiah
Chicken Baso Bread: 2.500 Rupiah
Beef Baso Bread: 2.500 Rupiah

Source : Balarea

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