Lotek Kalipah Apo 42 or Lotek Kalipo known as a place to sell Lotek that unique and famous culinary Bandung. Foods that are similar to or Ketoprak consists of watercress, bean sprouts, and cabbage boiled and mixed with spicy peanut sauce. The difference is the vegetable content of Lotek more than gado-gado, besides sauce (spices) are mixed with vegetable while gado-gado being sprayed on it.

Peanut sauce using greater galingale, water and acid and potatoes pulverized until smooth. It is said, boiled potatoes in a peanut sauce is what makes sense lotek more sweet. Other seasonings are chili, brown sugar, onion, and garlic. Also typical of the Lotek Kalipo are red beans and sugar which purchased at a place and are strictly sorted. Even the beans are not fried but roasted.

Called Lotek Kalipah Apo 42 because according to the name of the street and no house in which it was sold lotek, namely Kalipah Apo Street Number 42. Lotek Kalipo has been initiated since 1953, initially only used in front of the shop houses. But in the 1970s, the name Lotek Kalipo began to be discussed to prosper in the 1980s. Currently, if the weekend could reach 200 people per day.

Besides lotek, Lotek Kalipo also sell various Bandung foods such as compote, vinegar rujak, candil, sagurangi porridge. There is no reason for you through this one culinary while visiting Bandung.


Lotek: 11.000 Rupiah
Rice: 3.500 Rupiah
Lontong: 3.500 Rupiah
Mixed Compote: 10.000 Rupiah
Banana Compote: 10.000 Rupiah
Candil: 10.000 Rupiah
Sagurangi Porridge: 10.000 Rupiah
Jali Porridge: 10.000 Rupiah
Lemu Porridge: 10.000 Rupiah
Pacar Porridge: 10.000 Rupiah
Caca Porridge: 10.000 Rupiah
Black Rice Porridge: 10.000 Rupiah
Rujak Asinan: 10.000 Rupiah
Rujak Ulek: 10.000 Rupiah
Mixed Rujak : 10.000 Rupiah
Rujak Tumbuk: 10.000 Rupiah
Rujak Banci: 10.000 Rupiah
Cendol Ice: 10.000 Rupiah
Mixed Ice: 10.000 Rupiah
Coconut Ice: 10.000 Rupiah

Source : Balarea

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