Coffee Aroma is located at Banceuy street No 51 is legendary. In addition to its already producing coffee since 1930, also the manufacturing process is still traditional. Pioneered by Tan Houw Sian, Coffee Aroma family businesses is still survive until today and managed by Widyapratama which is the second generation.

Distinctive taste of Coffe Aroma is delicious and said not disturb the stomach work was obtained by a long process. Coffee seeds bought, cleaned and dried in the factory yard. Once dry, the coffee beans are stored into a room called the Aging Warehouse for 8 years! Aging process that takes a long time is intended to reduce levels of acid and caffeine, so coffee is more enjoyable and safer for the stomach work. Until spent after 8 years, coffee beans roasted on toast machine with wood fuel.

Front building of Coffee Aroma Factory still stick with the concept of art deco, are among the auto parts dealers in T-intersection between Banceuy Street and Pecinan Lama Street. You can go into the factory to see the process of making Coffee Aroma.

When you begin to enter the factory, in the windows displayed the classic coffee machine made American. Go deep again, the machines that have been toasted old age became a special attraction this Coffee Aroma Factory. Operated by the owner himself, assisted by two workers. On the edge of the machine is toast with piles of Aging Warehouse sacks of coffee beans. Arabica coffee beans obtained from Aceh, Medan, East Java and Toraja while Robusta from Lampung and West Java.


Arabica 250 gr: 13.000 Rupiah
Robusta 250 gr: 10.500 Rupiah

Source : Balarea

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