If you visit the tourist areas in Ciwidey, do not miss to enjoy Bandrek Abah. Warm Drink concoction of palm sugar, pepper, ginger and other spices will give a different warmth with other hot drinks. Ciwidey typical cold air with a dense atmosphere around Bandrek Abah added attraction of this place.

Bandrek is special drink from West Java province. The word 'Abah' has become the brand since 1982, taken from the nickname of a man who pioneered this drink is the late Sobandi. At the beginning of the late Sobandi make bandrek only for personal consumption and a family that can warm the body, given the temperature Ciwidey very cold at that time. But eventually developed into a famous beverage products and have their own processing centers.

The location was right in front of a hot water Cimanggu, a shop which also sells other snacks. There are some shops that sell these Bandrek Abah, but belonged to the deceased Sobandi shop just across the road after the Cimanggu entrance gate with yellow sign color.

In addition to serving bandrek to be drunk directly in place, Bandrek Abah also sell a product that you can be brewed himself. Packaged in bottles and boxes, ideal for private lunch or a souvenir. Off course, it is 100% halal (permitted in Islam). So, dont miss it :)


Bandrek: 2.000 Rupiah /glass
Big Bottle Bandrek: 17.500 Rupiah
Small Bottle Bandrek: 10.000 Rupiah
Brewed Bandrek: 12.500 Rupiah /box

Source : Balarea

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