The culinary place that offers main menu Soto Bandung was established since 1969. At first just a simple diner, but developed since the great fire in 1989 that hit the Dalem Kaum shopping area. His name according to a market where the Jopankar Market used to be located between buildings Dalem Kaum shopping center.

The menu offers diverse, ranging from the main menu Soto Bandung, Nasi Rames, Nasi Timbel, until Nasi Gule. But Soto Bandung became Jopankar Soto favorite menu. Soup containing meat, sliced radishes, peas and celery leaves are still using traditional herbs. This is to maintain the unique flavor that is owned by Jopankar Soto.

This Soto now run by the fourth generation could be an ideal place for lunch after visiting interesting places around it. The location is next to King's Shoping Center, precisely in the lane (Ciguriang Road) that connects Dalem Kaum Street and Kepatihan Street.


Soto Rice: 11.000 Rupiah
Special Soto Rice: 17.000 Rupiah
Rames Rice + Egg: 8.500 Rupiah
Rames Rice + Chicken: 12.500 Rupiah
Rames Rice + Rendang: 12.500 Rupiah
Complete Timbel Rice: 15.000 Rupiah
Chicken Gule Rice: 10.000 Rupiah
Beef Gule Rice (only Sunday): 15.000 Rupiah

Source : Balarea

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