Pawon Cave is a cave of prehistoric relics that have been occupied by early humans since pre-Neolithic era approximately 10,000 years ago to the Neolithic era. The cave consists of several rooms like the main room, dining room, kitchen and living room of children. In one room of Pawon Cave that Coffee Cave found ancient human fossils with the snuggle position.

Pawon Cave can be done from the city of Bandung towards Cianjur more or less as far as 25 km or 8 km if you use a tollroad. Exit at the Padalarang tollroad and continue your journey past Ciburuy Lake and lime factories. No more than 3 km from Ciburuy Lake, the portal / gate of Pawon Cave will appear on the right side of the road. From the portal / gate, the journey continues until the parking location as far as 1 km with the road condition is gravel mixed with mud when it rains. From the parking lot you have to walk to the mouth of the cave, road condition is slightly uphill and slippery.

When entering the mouth of the cave, the smell of excrement bat is strong. This cause Pawon Cave is the bat’s nest, the sound of a nocturnal animal hanging on the ceiling of the cave is a natural charm. You have to crouch, hold, and stand strong when the track every room in this cave.

Regions outside the Pawon Cave also very exotic. Limestone hills are still green and fresh air can be enjoyed during your visit to the Pawon Cave. In addition, still looks the monkeys and wild birds in the trees around the hills.

Source : Balarea

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