Saguling Reservoir is an artificial reservoir was completed in 1986. This reservoir stem Citarum to the flow of electricity needs. Currently Saguling Reservoir has reorganized into a multipurpose dam, including for the development of fisheries, agriculture and tourism.

Regions surrounding hills with plenty of water sources that contribute to the reservoir. In the south there is the campsite which has an atmosphere of trees that shade and cool. You can stroll around the dam with a view of the beautiful green valley in the west, or around the dam to the place with enough altitude to see the dam as a whole. There are stairs in this place that you can go down.

Saguling Reservoir not only object that you can visit in this area. The sight of two big yellow pipe you can visit after leaving the resevoir precisely in Saguling hydropower. In addition there is a sanghyang tikoro underground caves along approximately 200 meters where the flow of Citarum is divided into two and went into the cave and then exit at sangiangkenit and rejoined the main flow.

Sanghyangtikoro derived from the Sundanese, Sanghyang means god and Tikoro means throat. There is a myth that if we put sticks into the cave Sanghyangtikoro will scream pain God's voice (Sanghyang) from the throat (Tikoro).

Saguling Reservoirs is in the area of West Bandung Regency. When using the tollroad, exit at Padalarang door into the main road Bandung-Cianjur. Continue your journey through Cipatat until arrived in the region of Rajamandala. Began entering the area of Rajamandala, there Saguling Gate Reservoir on the left side of the road. After going through the gate and entered the cocoa garden there is a junction, take the road to the left into Saguling Reservoir. Uphill road conditions through steep slopes, and past Bedil Waterfall. Sanghyangtikoro located from Saguling Reservoir go to back to the main road and at junction choose left direction into Saguling Hydropower. Position adjacent to this Saguling Hydropower, which is at the west end of the building.

Source : Balarea

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