Braga is the main street in the city of Bandung, which is very popular since the reign of the Dutch East Indies. Until now Braga Streer has always been a tourist destination city of Bandung. Architecture and urban planning that still maintain the European model to be especially unique with its development on the past (1920-1940) as a fashion capital like Paris.

Braga Street was originally just a small road between the settlements of quiet, wet and muddy conditions. This road can only be bypassed by Pedati, could therefore called Pedati Street (Pedatiweg). Until the end around the year 1970 this way develop into an elite area. The name of street has changed from Pedati to Braga is not known, there is mention made of tonil group name and there was also information that the name was adapted from the name Goddess Poetry Bragi. Unlike the case with the public about this way of saying the word Braga taken from Sundanese language of Baraga, which means exploring the Cikapundung River.

Apart from the long history of Braga Street, now the road with length of approximately 700 meters has always been the center of attention of local and foreign tourists. Each shape and angle of the old buildings in Braga Street has always been a very interesting picture, often almost every day there's always people hunting photos in this area.

In addition to building the European-style architecture, in this way can also be found painting vendors. This painting is the work of local painters who are always displayed on each side of Braga Street, making it more colorful way. Not only paintings, art objects such as puppet show, carving and batik also add artistic impression of this region.

At the end of Braga Street, exactly after T-intersection between Braga Street and Suniaraja Street there are the building known as the landmarks are often used for exhibitions.

If you visit Braga Street try to come in the middle of the night. Highlight the dim yellow light that hit some old walls and the silence of the streets and the cold air makes Braga Street has its own charm.

Source : Balarea

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