Tegallega is a great place to conduct activities in the morning. You can make a leisurely stroll or jogging around the field of Tegallega, or follow the gym in the south and west side of the field. After doing this activity you must have felt hungry, in the east pool there various Bandung hawker centers that you can enjoy.

Tegallega used to be a horse racetrack (the Dutch East Indies). Horse racing games are usually held once a month as a series of festive events and followed by the Royal Dutch participants from all over the Dutch East Indies. But in the 1970s, the Tegallega racecourse was moved to Arcamanik.

Tegallega itself has meaning of the broad field, in accordance with the literal meaning of the Sundanese Language (Tegal : field / land, Lega : broad). With its wide, Tegallega field rather called complex. Inside there is a green open space, swimming pool, Bandung hawker centers, centers of ornamental plants, flowers coupling center, basketball court, soccer field, flower gardens, and monuments Bandung Sea of Fire.

Try to enter because if viewed from outside, the complex of Tegallega not be seen as covered by trees. There are three main access, from west through Otto Iskandardinata (Otista) Street, from the east by Moh. Toha street and from south through the BKR street. Parking located to the west and east of the field.

Source : Balarea

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