Cihampelas Street is a very popular place since 1987. The street has about two kilometers long and about six feet wide is known as jeans shopping area that is always packed with tourists on weekends.

Uniquely Cihampelas street is owned by statues of his superhero. Spiderman, Rambo and Superman is one of the superhero statues that adorn the front of the shops in Cihampelas. In addition, a variety of Bandung souvenirs and gifts can be found in around this road. That is why Cihampelas be the right choice when you visit the Bandung city.

Cihampelas region initially filled only by a photocopy service and some regular jeans store. Until, eventually developing into one of the tourist shopping in Bandung which combines elements of art with the shopping. Now Cihampelas area have more vivid with 25 stores jeans presence of competing in terms of design, product and price. All stores are designed in accordance with the character highlighted.

Not only jeans are offered by Cihampelas, various types of clothing can be found along this road. Clothes with military force, t-shirts, which motivated Bandung, and other clothing helped enliven Cihampelas.

In addition to clothing and jeans center, on Cihampelas street have the famous icon of Cihampelas Walk (Ciwalk). A lifestyle center with a open and green walk concept. You can enjoy the open space to gather, orientation and enjoy entertainment on this Ciwalk.

Parking system on Cihampelas street so far received the attention and strict regulation. If you visit Cihampelas, parking your vehicle by using the compound at each store (off street), can also at some point along the park has been provided and can accommodate many vehicles. After coming back from Cihampelas, you can buy Peuyeum Bandung that can be found in the south region.

Source : Balarea

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