Cilaki Park also known as Elderly Parks was among Cilaki Street and Cisangkuy Street. On weekends the park is often packed with visitors as a beautiful environment and rang the vendor and the leasing of horses. On normal days, the park is quiet enough so that it can be an alternative place to relieve fatigue from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Cilaki Park can also be used as a Jogging tracks, the best time is morning and evening. After Jogging, you can enjoy a variety of food in tents around the park or enjoying Yogurt Cisangkuy east of the park.

There are some interesting places around Cilaki Park. To the west of the park are the Museum Pos Indonesia and Sate Building, and on the north there is the Museum of Geology and Gasibu. At night, at the southern end of the park stood the tents that offer a variety of food ranging from seafood, Nasi Goreng, Ayam Bakar and Bajigur to drink.

Cilaki Park can also be used as a shooting location for prawedding. Shade trees and Bridges in its park is an interesting place as a background image.

Source : Balarea

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