Pasar Baru is known as a shopping place various types of clothing at a cheap price. This place is frequented by local and foreign tourists, the crowds not only at the end of the week, even on ordinary days Pasar Baru is always crowded visit.

Various types of clothing offered at the Pasar Baru. Kids clothing, adult clothing, hijab, batik and Mukena available up in Pasar Baru. Not only that, this market also sells blankets, sheets, cloth, shoes, and curtains. Choice for shopping when you visit Bandung, because in addition to the completeness of the type of clothes they offer, the Pasar Baru is also famous for its cheap and negotiable, too often sales-bargains offered by some shops in Pasar Baru.

Pasar Baru today is the renovation of the City Government of Bandung in 2001, conditions are more comfortable with the 7th floor of each floor sells different products. Each floor is connected by escalators, parking facility can accommodate approximately 500 cars and thousands of motorcycles.

This Market with 4500 traders was originally only the traditional markets that have existed since the 19th century. Initiated by the merchants who live and run their business in this area. The merchant came from Priangan, Java, Palembang and even India and Arabia.

Location Pasar Baru is located at the north end Otto Iskandardinata Street, near the intersection Suniaraja Street. In addition to clothing and other clothing materials, in Pasar Baru shops also sell souvenirs typical of Bandung. Types of gifts such as dodol, wajit, chips and oncom crisps can you buy at these stores.

Source : Balarea

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