Exchange of books and magazines in the West Cikapundung Street is quite famous for its existence since the 1980s. Magazines are dominated by imports, although there are also several local magazines, but there were not many import magazines. In addition to magazines, used books were a lot of imports sold in Cikapundung. The diversity of themes and content and prices add to the attraction side of this place.

Located in the west parking Distribution Branch Office PLN West Java & Banten. Exchange Books and Magazines Cikapundung not only sell the old publications, books and magazines latest issue was sold, but with a very limited amount.

One of these interesting places in Bandung City can be an alternative tourism on the sidelines of your visit to places of interest around Cikapundung. The south is the town square of Bandung (Alun-Alun Bandung) with his great mosque, or you can see the Legendary Well of Bandung at the end of Cikapundung court, precisely in the area of PLN Office.

Source : Balarea

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