Ranca Upas is one of the quite famous campsite for nature activity. This place is usually used as a location for Education and Training of Nature Lovers or the family camping. Forests in the north its still maintained with the geographical conditions of the mountains, and Mount Patuha in the south stand firm.

There are many camping sites in Ranca Upas, including the Leuweung Tengah. As the name implies Leuweung (in Sundanese means Forest) Tengah (Middle), a lush forest with sloping contours are in the middle between Mount No Name (2020 mdpl), Mount Kolotok and Mount Tikukur. His position in the north of Ranca Upas. Then there is Mount Tunduh located not far from the entrance. Ranca Upas facility in some detail. Praying, toilets, parking and Information Office can be found in the middle of the area. Shops located at the east side of the area besides providing food and beverages, firewood is also available which you can buy. For those of you who do not want to bother setting up camp, Ranca Upas camping grounds providing a villa that you can rent, its position adjacent to the earlier facilities. Hot spring is also available at the ranch Upas, its position in the west region adjacent to the Mount Tunduh.

In addition to the campground, Ranca Upas also the captive deer. You can see this deer directly from a special place in the form of a stage with sufficient altitude. Wire fenced captivity about two feet, when the deer's position was far from the stage, you can walk around the enclosure to be close to the deer. But must be silent possible, because if there is significant movement or noise would make this deer away.

Achievement to the location Ranca Upas is easy. The position as far as 47 km south of Bandung. When using the tollroad should be out at the Kopo or Moh. Toha then continue the journey toward Soreang ago Ciwidey. After going through Ciwidey, go on to enter the area by lush pine trees, Location Ranca is not far from here. The main entrance of Ranca Upas on the right side of the road.

The atmosphere is cool with the shade of trees and mountain peaks to the special appeal of this Ranca Upas. Your eyes will be spoiled by that scenes. The mist that shrouded the area in the morning plus sunshine makes the ideal location for those who need refreshing at the weekend.


Individual: 5.000 Rupiah
Camping /person & /day: 5.000 Rupiah
Motor Cycle: 2.000 Rupiah
Car: 5.000 Rupiah
Bus/Truck: 10.000 Rupiah
Villa /night: 600.000 Rupiah

Source : Balarea

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