With 180 hectares area, Cileunca Lake offers very beautiful panoramic lake. Formerly, people could call this area as Swiss of Indonesia, no wonder it because in addition to its natural beauty, the air in Cileunca Lake so cool. In the morning when the sky is clear, Cileunca Lake truly charm the amazing landscape. Looking toward the east, visitors can indulge in the line of sight of Mount Wayang-Windu.

Cileunca Lake Development which took over 7 years (1919-1926) was originally to provide a source of water for generating electricity in a way to stem the flow of Cileunca River. The Dam itself is called Pulo. Now, Cileunca Lake be one option tourist attraction in Bandung.

Cileunca Lake is within a distance of 45 km from the city of Bandung to the south toward Pangalengan. When using the tollroad, exit at the door Moh. Toha or Buah Batu then continue the journey toward Banjaran. There is a junction after passing through the Square and Market of Banjaran, choose to Pangalengan (turn left). Having started entering The District of Pangalengan City, there is a junction again, point your car toward the right to Cileunca Lake. The main entrance of area about 5 km from this junction.

In this area there are also boats that will take visitors around the lake or picking strawberries on the side of the lake. Besides the boat, there is children facilities and Flying Fox. Facilities in this area is complete, public toilets and changing rooms available around the lake. Any shops can be found around the lake.

Satisfied activity in this area, visitors can took a walk in the Dam Pulo with an occasional view of the fishing around the Dam. Location of Dam Pulo is before the main entrance Cileunca Lake. Dam Pulo length is about 200 meters solid stems Cileunca Lake. Green grass growing on the dam wall and sunshine gives a different atmosphere. (Balarea.Com)


Individual: 3.000 Rupiah
Motor Cycle: 2.000 Rupiah
Car: 3.000 Rupiah
Bus: 10.000 Rupiah
Children Facilities: 2.000 Rupiah
Flying Fox: 5.000 Rupiah
Boat: 10.000 Rupiah /person *(Price is not an absolute for boat, you can negotiate to get a cheaper price, especially for groups)

Source : Balarea

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