This one tourist objects including cheap but not with the natural beauty its offers. Two waterfalls (Curug Cigulung and Curug Cikawari) with shade trees around the area is the main attraction of Maribaya. Green grass that grows well manicured and flowing river divides the area makes Maribaya is a suitable place to visit with your family.

In addition, Maribaya also features a child pool and the hot water bath. Shops in Maribaya offers various food and beverages, as well as ornamental plants such as cactus. Facilities such as toilets and the mosque can be found easily. The place was quite spacious parking near the entrance.

The existence of a small pond with a statue of a mermaid and small bridges makes Maribaya resembles a vast natural parks and beautiful. There is a small hill in the middle area that you can climb, from the top you can see all of these tourist areas.

Maribaya location can be reached far approximately 21 km from the city of Bandung to Lembang. When arrive at Lembang, there is a junction, when crossing left into Subang and the right to Lembang market, choose the straight toward the east. Approximately 6 km from this crossroad you will see Gate of Maribaya. The atmosphere of lush trees and the cool air will dent your arrival.


Individual: 3.250 Rupiah
Motor Cycle: 1.300 Rupiah
Car: 4.000 Rupiah
Bus: 6.500 Rupiah

Source : Balarea

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