A. Brief Information

Ragunan Zoo is designed as an opened zoo. With its animal collections, more than 4000 animals and consist of 295 kinds, each animal is conserved in a cage according to its original habitat. About 90 % animals in Ragunan Zoo are original Indonesian animals.

The history of this zoo was started by the foundation of first zoo named “Planten En Dierentuin” in 1864 in Cikini, Central Jakarta. That zoo was organized by Flora and Fauna Lover Foundation in Jakarta (Culturule Vereniging Planten en Dierentuin at Batavia). The area was about 10 hectares which was granted by Raden Saleh, a well-known Indonesian painter

After the independence of Indonesia, in 1949, its name was changed into Cikini Zoo. However, because the area was too small and unsuitable for animal conservation, the foundation looked for a new wider place. In 1964 this zoo was moved to 30-hectare in Ragunan area (Pasar Minggu), a granted land from DKI Jakarta Government. This zoo was then opened legally by the governor of DKI Jakarta on Juny 22, 1966 and named Ragunan Animal Park. This Ragunan Animal Park was then changed into Ragunan Zoo, about 140 hectares. There are about 295 species and 4040 specimens there.

B. Distinctive Features

The specialty of this zoo is on the successfulness in the conservation program. Several kinds of animals which have been successfully conserved are white tiger, Sumatran tiger, orangutan, Komodo dragon, python snake, and several kinds of birds, such as parrot, long-tailed parakeet, cassowary, and other kinds of animals. The other specialty is its cool, fresh, and shady air because it is surrounded by 50.000 shady trees and a pretty large well.

Besides, this zoo also performs special attractions for children, such as a children zoo and a playground. On Sunday or other holidays, this zoo becomes more crowded. On those days, children can ride elephants, carts, and boats. One satisfaction of this zoo is orangutans` show which goes around the zoo everyday by a cart.

C. Location

Ragunan Zoo is located in R.M. Harsono Street No. 1 Ragunan, South Jakarta.

D. Access

The distance between Ragunan Zoo and Jakarta City Center is about 20 km. This zoo is easy to reach because there are many public transportations passing this zoo. From Tanah Abang, visitors can go by Kopaja 19 and 985. From Blok M, they can go by Metromini 77. From Kampung Melayu, they can go by Kopaja 68 and 602. From Depok, they can go by Mikrolet 57 and KWK 02. The Ragunan Zoo is opened everyday, from 7 a.m to 5 p.m.

E. Ticket Price

The entrance ticket costs IDR 4000 for each person, while children under 3 years old are free of charge (March 2008).

F. Accommodation and other Facilities

This Ragunan Zoo provides many facilities, such as an information center, carriages, carts, restaurants, picnic ground, film shops, and several food, drinks, fruits, and souvenir sellers. Not far from the location, there are hotels and inns. This zoo also provides many playing facilities, such as Children Animals Park, Boat Park, Schmutzer Primate Center, and Tourism Raft. Besides, there are also animal attractions, such as riding elephants and camels. There are also a circus and animal acrobats, such as bird pulling carriage, linsang which plays ball, and joking snake.

Source : Wisata Melayu

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