Patengan Lake or usually called Patenggang Lake is a lake in the south of Bandung with a beautiful natural charm. Tea plantations surrounding the lake makes the atmosphere is so peaceful in nature mountain cool and clean valve.

The myth narrate eternal love of two lovers are separated between Dewi Rengganis and Ki Santang delivery Patenggang or Patengan toponyms. Once there, they were 'looking at each other' which in Sundanese language is pangteangan-teangan> pangteangan> pateangan> patengan> patenggang.

In the middle Patengan Lake, there are island named "Sasaka" which means Island of romantic, sometimes called Island of Love. On the island there are also stones called Stone of Love. Island of Love and Stone of Love is inseparable from the continuation of the myth, where the Dewi Rengganis and Ki Santang finally met at the Stone of Love. Dewi Rengganis asked Ki Santang to make a boat to sail together. This boat which later became Sasaka Island. Series of mythical stories that make people believe that if the couple stopped at Stone of Love and around the Sasaka Island, the couple's love will be eternal like love between Ki Santang and Dewi Rengganis.

Apart from the known myths were hereditary, the boats that you can rent around the lake will always take around the Island Sasaka. Forests are still awake and the green grass growing on the banks of the lake provides a different atmosphere when you pull on the east side of the lake.

There are villa in Patengan Lake that you can rent . Shops were many scattered around the lake that provides a variety of foods and beverages. Facilities such as toilets, mosque and a parking space in Situ Patengan good enough and maintained.

Patengan Lake located in the southern city of Bandung, you can journey to Ciwidey first. After passing Ciwidey, you will find various tourist attractions such as White Crater (Kawah Putih), Ranca Upas, Cimanggu and Ranca Walini before you arrive in Situ Patengan. There is a junction when entering the area of Rancabali Tea Plantation, choose who to the left. The distance from Bandung City to Patengan Lake about 50 km. You can choose tollroad Kopo or Moh. Toha. Continue your journey heading south through Soreang.


Individual: 4.000 Rupiah
Motor Cycle: 2.500 Rupiah
Car: 10.000 Rupiah
Bus/Truck: 20.000 Rupiah
Boat: 15.000 Rupiah /person
Swan Boat: 40.000 Rupiah /2 person & /one hour
Vila: 800.000 Rupiah /night

Source : Balarea

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