Ciomas is waterfall with a height of 30 meters. Ciomas Waterfall still in the management of the Djuanda Forest Park, adjacent to Maribaya. In addition to the waterfall, this area also provides a comfortable area for visitors to enjoy food by mats. The view of the slopes that are part of the Lembang Fault and lush trees of nature makes the charm of a beautiful Ciomas Waterfall.

There are three entrances to Ciomas Waterfall location, among other Djuanda Forest Park entrance, Maribaya entrance and Ciomas Waterfall main entrance. If you pass Djuanda Forest Park, you have to travel about 5 km to the Ciomas Waterfall. This point is often used for jogging or a walk through nature, could be from Djuanda Forest Park to Ciomas Waterfall or vice versa. Maribaya entrance pass at the end of Maribaya tourist area, so you have to go first to Maribaya.

Ciomas Waterfall main entrance located before at the entrance of Maribaya tourist attraction. Instructions area clear enough with a gate and signs. From this door you continue the journey on foot as far as 500 meters down the slope with the edge of the pine forest vegetation. After arriving at the building of the pavilion or gazebo, choose the road on the left toward Ciomas Waterfall.

In this area, there are two bridges to see Ciomas Waterfall, each giving a different perspective. If you want to enjoy Ciomas Waterfall clearly and feel the dew falls, choose a bridge at the bottom. But be careful walking on this bridge, mossy and slippery conditions. If you want to see Ciomas Waterfall from above, try on a small bridge with red color paint.

Ciomas Waterfall be pursued with the same line from Bandung to the Maribaya. Travel approximately 21 km from the city of Bandung - Lembang – Ciomas Waterfall Entrance.


Individual: 8.000 Rupiah
Bicycle: 2.500 Rupiah
Motor Cycle: 5.000 Rupiah
Car: 10.000 Rupiah
Bus: 20.000 Rupiah

Source : Balarea

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