Cibolang known as ecotourism that provides hot water bath and Saung (cottage) dining eateries. Mountain air and the tea plantations around Cibolang added attraction of this tourist object. Fairly remote location, located at the foot of Mount Wayang where the mountain is a source of hot water.

To achieve Cibolang from Bandung, visitors will travel a distance of about 48 km to the Pangalengan.

When using the tollroad, exit at the door Moh. Toha or Buah Batu then continue the journey toward Banjaran. There is a junction after passing through the Square and Market of Banjaran, choose to Pangalengan (turn left). Having started entering the District of Pangalengan City, there is a junction again, point your vehicle to the left toward City Center of District Pangalengan. Continue the journey through the city center to arrive at 'Door Junction', select the direction of the left. The tea plantations atmosphere will accompany your trip to Cibolang from Door Junction. Approximately 2.5 km far from Door Junction, there are Cibolang signpost that requires your vehicle to turn left into the streets surrounding houses. Condition of gravel roads begin, go on trips less than 500 meters to reach the entrance of Cibolang.

Cibolang ecotourism provides small and large Saung (cottage). Usually large group occupy a Saung in the middle of the pond for a large size. You can enjoy your lunch at this saung, while enjoying the scenery around Cibolang is so beautiful and cool. Also you can soak in the hot tub with a view to the forest slopes of Mount Wayang. If you want a different atmosphere, try to come at night to Cibolang. The temperature will feel very cold at night, but once you soak your body in the pool, warm feeling as though your body relaxes after a trip to Cibolang. But not every night, just at night like a Saturday-off Sunday. Not only the hot water pool, Cibolang also provides rooms for visitors who soak wanted privacy.


Individual: 8.000 Rupiah
Motor Cycle: 2.000 Rupiah
Car: 5.000 Rupiah
Bus: 10.000 Rupiah
Soak Room: 6.000 Rupiah

Source : Balarea

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