Citarum river used for rafting is located in Cisameng village, Bantar Caringin, Rajamandala District, West Bandung regency. Tens years ago, this Citarum River embryo rafting or Flow Sports Running in Indonesia.

Citarum River has different characteristics from the other rivers that are often used as rafting event. Rafting difficulty level depends on the water level is controlled by hydropower Saguling. Especially when the rainy season and four hydroelectric power turbine maximum operating, the river is quite heavy with rapids that challenge.

There are the usual operators facilitate rafting activities. Package consists of simulation activities Swimming, Short Cross, and Long Cross. This simulation including guidance on the safety procedure to white water rafting, and then continued swim defensive and offensive. After the simulation, Short Cross starts from the start point in sanghyang kenit, a cave where the water coming out through sanghyang tikoro. Short Cross distance of about 1 km from start point to end point in Cisameng Bridge. The Short Cross finished, Long Cross starts from the same starting point and ending at the end point of the Old Bridge Rajamandala. The distance is 7 km about 2 hours.

Panorama at the beginning of crossing is so beautiful, steep cliffs of limestone karst and rice fields are green. But you can not linger to enjoy this scene because the rapids in front ready to pump your adrenaline. Command of the skipper to note as it passes through these rapids. Very challenging but exciting when the boat into the rapids, the body swayed in all directions and must remain balanced.

Citarum River location can be reached from the Bandung City to Jakarta-Cianjur Highway through Cipatat, Padalarang. Continue your journey through Cipatat until arriving in the region of Rajamandala. Began entering the Rajamandala area, there Saguling Gate Reservoir on the left side of the road. After going through the gate and entered the garden of cocoa there is a junction, take the road to the right. Choose the next junction to the right until arriving at the Cisameng Village.

There are also 35 bamboo species here from 150 species of bamboo over the world. Enjoy it :)

Tickets : Free
Boat : 300.000 IDR / Day

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