Indonesian Postal Museum was established in 1931 under the name Museum of PTT (Postal, Telephone, Telegraph). The museum was originally presented only limited collectibles stamps, postage both domestically and abroad. But as the importance of the role of museums as a means of education, information and recreation will be renovation of the museum in order to maintain and preserve the rich cultural heritage in the ministry of Post.

Coinciding with Bhakti Telecommunication Day on September 27, 1983 the renovation of the museum was inaugurated with the name of Post and Giro. The successful inauguration change the service orientation and the development of collection objects. Presented a object collection is not limited to stamps, but expanded by adding other objects of historical value such as visualization tools and postal service activities. The museum changed its name back on June 20, 1995 to the Indonesian Postal Museum as the company's change of status from General Company to PT Pos Indonesia.

Indonesian Postal Museum is open to the public (no charge) from Monday to Friday starting at 09.00 am -04.00 pm. Visitors will be given leaflets after filling the guest book and the goods deposited in the space provided. Space museum consists of two floors Basement floors containing collections of objects are complete, consists of three types of collectibles historical collectibles, equipment and philately. And the Social Space Center, which is educating the community and as a center of socio-cultural development in the field of postal services.

Toward Basement Floor, visitors will go down the stairs with the atmosphere an old yellow paint building. Dim room lights provide a classic atmosphere of this Basement Floor. There are many collections of objects and visual activity in this room. One of the interesting is the visual image was assembled with the mailman, a quick look authentic. On the statue there is the old bikes which were used postal clerk. Collection stamps from the States in an interesting packed with sliding board models per State. Also stamp series complete with postcards and envelopes from year to year compact. At the end of this basement there is a special room that provides a valuable collection of the history: The Gold Letter, the letters used kingdoms like Mulawarman, Sriwijaya, Tarumanegara, Mataram, Majapahit and Purnawarman. Gold Letters is proof that the correspondence as a means of communication in a simple form already known in antiquity.

At the end of this room there is a collection of Mailbox or in era the Dutch East Indies known as Brievenbus. Mailbox made of heavy cast metal with less than 400 kg was first used in 1829 in Batavia post office. Since the first time you use the mailbox today either change shape or size. After the basement floor, visitors can proceed to the Social Space Center where this room also provides an opportunity to practice directly related to the mailing process, from writing letters, putting a stamp, tasting, and post a letter in the mailbox. Social Space Center was combined with the post office and philately counters that can serve the public directly, so the score for the visit.

Indonesian Postal Museum
Cilaki Street No. 73 Bandung 40115
Phone: +62 22 4206195 pes. 153

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