Jelekong Village is a village famous painter. As many as 500 of about 4900 inhabitants village in that Baleendah District profession as a painter. While the rest of farmers and factory workers. Located in the south of Bandung, about 15 km from Bandung City.

Odin Rohidin. 70-year-old man was a pioneer painter in Jelekong. Odin Rohidin are self-taught painting, had poor communities across the Pasar Senen, Jakarta followed his elder brother who first moved to Jakarta. In early 1970, Odin Rohidin began pioneering as a village Jelekong painter. He gave his knowledge to teenagers interested in painting until they really can paint.

As time passes, Jelekong village grew into a village painter. Various themes such as landscape painting, horses, and koi fish born from the hands artists from the village Jelekong. And gradually, their works began to be known to foreign tourists.

Many orders paintings come from Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands and Malaysia. Even order paintings from Bali to reach 400-600 per week. Reach 50-60 million Rupiah. The price the painting itself vary between 1.900.000 Rupiah (size 90 x 50 cm) to 6.500.000 Rupiah (size 1.80 x 80 cm).

The development of painting in Jelekong undergone some changes. Starting from the theme of the paintings grow more varied with the addition and refinement of strokes objects or scratches. Also from the original painting technique using a palette knife and cokcrok, now developed using sponges.

Source : Balarea

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