A. Brief Information

Lake Toba is the most famous lake in Indonesia. It is 100 km long and 30 km wide thus many people agree that Lake Toba is the biggest lake in the world. An island in the middle of the lake is Samosir Island at an altitude of 1.000 meters.

According a group of researchers from Michigan Technological University, there was a huge explosion that is famous as Toba eruption/Toba event which occurred about 75.000 years ago. The total amount of material erupted from the explosion was about 2.000 cubic km. Toba ash layer resulted from the explosion covered the entire Sumatra Island and Indonesia for about two weeks. The explosion formed a caldera then was gradually filled with water. Samosir Island appeared after a long term of magma uplifting from the earth.

B. Distinctive Features

Lake Toba has a very enchanted scenery for being surrounded by green hills. It offers beautifully magnificent view, fresh air, and tranquillity. You may either swim on the lake or rent a boat to hang around the lake. When the sun is going to set, you will experience a tranquil atmosphere while enjoying the sunset.
Lake Toba has cosmologic and magical values since surrounding people believe the existence of Namborru – seven fairies regarded as the ancestors of Batak tribe. There is an annual event namely Pesta Rakyat Danau Toba to express admiration for the local inhabitants‘ ancestors.

In Samosir Island, there are two other lakes namely Lake Sidihoni and Lake Aek Natonang. Likewise, there are some other tourism destinations such as Raja Sidabutar‘s Graveyard and traditional houses of Batak Toba Samosir tribe.

C. Location

Lake Toba encompasses three districts, Simalungun, Parapat, and Ambarita districts. It lies in North Sumatra Indonesia.

D. Access

To reach Lake Toba, you may take public transport passing through Medan-Parapat or Medan-Berastagi routes. It spends approximately four hours or 176 km distance.

E. Ticket Price

In the process of data collecting

F. Accommodation and other Facilities

You can find easily some elegant hotels and other supporting facilities such as restaurants, caf├ęs, and food stalls.

Source : Wisata Melayu

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