A. Brief Information

Kampoeng China is a residence and trade village in Cibubur, East Jakarta. This village is one of the cooperation between East Jakarta Regional Government and a foreign company to make the 300-hectare in Cibubur tourism area become Kota Wisata (Tourism City), Kota Mandiri (Independent City), and Town Center. This Kampoeng China started operating on September 14th, 2002. The building, nature nuance, until accessories which are sold in this place have Chinese nuance. All sold products come from China and the cost starts from thousands rupiah up to millions rupiah. On ordinary days, this village is crowdedly visited by the people around the area. This situation will be more crowded in Chinese New Year or Imlek celebration day.

Before entering this village, the visitors have already felt the Chinese nuance reflected on the gate in the form of red dragon. It is called the prosperity gate. Next, the visitors will pass a curving bridge called Dragon Gate above a Chinese nuance pond. Then, they reach the center of the crowd named the forbidden city. The Mandarin music which is heard since entering the gate until inside the main location takes the visitors as if they were on bamboo curtain land.

When entering this Kampoeng China, the visitors will find shops line selling various kinds of Chinese merchandises, such as fans, umbrellas, wall decorations, tables, hair pins, rings, clothes, gloomy lamps, towels, bags, shoes, electronic goods, various porcelains, jars, Chinese incenses, money gifts, and Chinese traditional medicines. The narrow streets which connect the blocks are decorated with an amount of lantern balls.

If the visitors are tired to go around enjoying the situation of Kampoeng China or shopping, they can get relax in some benches while enjoying the scenery of the well-arranged shops or parks with some small ponds, or tasting various foods and drinks which are arranged in lines in a special block.

B. Distinctive Features

Amongst the uniqueness of Kampoeng China are the buildings, statues, and merchandise accessories which have bright red color. Another uniqueness is that most of the visitors in fact are not Chinese descendant, but native people who not only come from surrounding area but also come from other big cities in Indonesia. The visitors can go not only for recreation but also for shopping.

The beauty of Kampoeng China architecture is reflected in 200 shops which are well-arranged in lines and sell Chinese accessories. The building, cultural tradition, and art which are shown bring the visitors‘ imagination into Chinese culture and art. The visitors will be amazed and astonished with the Chinese completeness and nuance which are dominant in this place.

C. Location

Kampoeng China is located in the housing estate area of Cibubur Tourism City, not far from Cibubur campsite, East Jakarta.

D. Access

Kampoeng China is easy to find. From Jakarta, the trip is about 45 minutes through Jagorawi (Jakarta, Bogor, and Ciawi) freeway. From Depok, the trip is about 20 minutes. From Bogor, the visitors can go through Cileungsi or the freeway. This Kampoeng China tourism is opened everyday, started from 12.00 - 20.00 WIB. On Saturday and Sunday, it opens from 10.00 WIB.

E. Ticket Price

There is no entrance charge.

F. Accommodation and other Facilities

Inside this tourism area, the visitors can also see Pagoda Lung Hwe, Thai San Tower, and Huang Shan Tower. This place also provides inns, restaurants, and special blocks which sell food and soft drink.

Source : Wisata Melayu

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