Forest conditions are still maintained and the existence of a clear river makes Mount Puntang as an ideal place for camping. Many options to set up a tent, could be in the open field or into the forest canopy. But if you decide not to camp, Mount Puntang provides some traditional cottage that you can rent.

You can go to the location of Mount Puntang from Bandung south toward Banjaran. The tollroad Moh. Toha or Buah Batu can be used. After passing the Banjaran town square and market, there is a junction, choose which to Pangalengan (turn left). Approximately 4 km from this junction, you will meet again in the junction at Cimaung village. If its straight will be headed Pangalengan, so select that to the left. The road will continue climb, continue your journey until the end of the street, there is the main entrance to Mount Puntang.

You have to take back the trip if you want to camp locations. The road conditions is rocky and up. Parking your vehicle around the stalls are on site, and asked permission to the proprietor. If you use a motor bike you should parking on the edge of stall or shop owners usually advise a safe parking location. Do not forget to tell the purpose of your coming and how many nights you are going camping to the proprietor. You can complete the supplies or your camping gear at these stalls.

There are several places where (block) to camp, including around the pool size. In this place there is the former reservoir pool, his condition was no longer watery. The pool is located in the form of an open field, you can enjoy the very beautiful view of the slopes of Mount Malabar. To get water, you can go down to the river or stream at the end of the pool size.

If you want to stay in traditional cottage situated close to the entrance of Mount Puntang. From this traditional cottage you can walk around the area of Mount Puntang. The cool air and pine trees that grew dominate this region provide a fresh atmosphere. You can see the remnants of collapsed buildings in the era of former Dutch and Dutch Cave during the trip around the region.


Individual: 5.000 Rupiah
Motor Cycle: 2.000 Rupiah
Car: 5.000 Rupiah
Bus/Truck: 10.000 Rupiah
Traditional Cottage: 200.000 Rupiah / night

Source : Balarea

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