Malabar tea plantation has an amazing natural beauty, the surrounding landscape of green hills and tea plantations. Especially when the early morning when the mist was spotted in the garden and the settlement became a fascinating natural treats. The smiles of the tea pickers will add to the atmosphere Malabar Tea Plantation more comfortable and friendly.

Plantation, built in 1890 with a height of 1550 above sea level it used to be owned by a Dutch landowner named Karel Albert Rudolf Bosscha (KAR Bosscha). Currently you can see Grave Bosscha in the area of Malabar Tea Plantation, a small forest shade is a place to rest KAR Bosscha moment after he finished inspecting the plantation.

Malabar Tea Plantation is located in Pangalengan, 45 km south of Bandung. When using the tollroad, exit at the door Moh. Toha or Buah Batu then continue the journey toward Banjaran. There is a junction after passing through the Square and Market of Banjaran, choose to Pangalengan (turn left). Having started entering The District of Pangalengan City, there is a junction again, point your vehicle to the left toward Center of Pangalengan City. Continue the journey through the city center to arrive at the Door Junction. As the name implies Door, is the entrance to the Malabar tea plantation and tea estates others.

In this plantation you can rent a villa with a garden atmosphere tea and a cool garden. In the morning you can stroll around the housing estates, or visit the houses of plantation workers with the typical style of Sundanese architecture. The atmosphere of the cool morning with the fresh air will make you feel at home.

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