A. Brief Information

Visiting Tomohon City, You will be amazed after knowing the enormous tourism potencies which are available there. One those great potencies is nature tourism which is Tinoor Waterfall. Nature tourism is a special offering for you visiting Tomohon considering its geographic landscape taking form in hilly areas, mountains, forests, rivers, and waterfalls. One of the worth visiting tourism destinations in Tomohon is Tinoor waterfall or usually called regesan.

The government of Tomohon City utilized this site not only for tourism destination, but also for academic purposes such as Boy Scouts` camp ground and research filed. Tomohon government continuously maintains this site by adding the number of supporting facilities such as food stalls, inns, cottages, and shelters. Likewise, Tomohon district government also manages this site as a worth visiting tourism destination in Tomohon City.

B. Distinctive Features
You will not only experience the sensation of being flashed by the water falling down from the crag, but also a green park for having momentous time with your family. Its surrounding area looks beautiful for the colourful and various flowers growing up there. This place is the right place for you seeking for tranquil holiday ever.

Nearby the waterfall, you may find many food stalls standing in a row offering the typical foods of Minahasa. Besides, you will also find a famous tea plantation area in Tomohon.

The geographic landscape around the waterfall gives you a magnificent view of surrounding nature. It is the best place for you who love painting or taking photographs.

C. Location

Tinoor Waterfall is situated on the slope of Mount Empung, in the north of Tomohon City. Administratively, it lies in Tinoor Village, North Tomohon Sub-district, Tomohon City, North Sulawesi Province.

D. Access

Now you can easily accessed Tinoor waterfall since the road leading to the location had been paved. You must take the route Manado-Tomohon to reach the location, about 1 km from Manado. However, when entering the waterfall location, you have to pass by a footpath leading to the waterfall by walking.

E. Ticket Price

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F. Accommodation and other Facilities

You may take a rest for a moment in surrounding cottages or food stalls offering typical foods of Minahasa such as yellow rice. Some other typical foods from Minahasa are peret (bat-meat cooking), turean (white tail rat), and renga (watered-snail).

Source : Wisata Melayu

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