A. Brief Information

Tanjung Bira Beach is a famous white sandy beach in South Sulawesi Province. It is clean and neatly organized and its beauty and pleasantness are well known even by foreign countries. Foreign tourists from other countries visit the beach for enjoying their holidays.

B. Distinctive Features

Tanjung Bira Beach is a totally bewitching beach whose white sand is like wheat flour spread along the seashore. You can do activities such as diving, swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling. You can also watch the sunset or sunrise in the same position. In addition, the enchantment of Liukang Beach and Kambing Island located in the transmarine of the beach will amaze you during the visit to the destination.

C. Location

Tanjung Bira Beach is located on the southernmost of South Sulawesi Province. It lies in Bonto Bahari Sub-district, Bulu Kumba District. It is about 40 km away from Bulu Kumba city or 200 km from Makassar city.

D. Access

It is better for you to take types of public transportations (e.g. Panther, Kijang, or Innova) about Rp. 35.000 in cost, considering that it will be hard to find buses to reach the destination from Bulu Kumba. You may also use Pete-pete (Minibus) for your alternatives to reach the destination that will be about three to three a half hours with Rp. 8.000 to Rp. Rp. 10.000 for its costs.

If you start the trip from Hasanuddin Airport, use taxi to Malengkari Bus Station in Makassar city then continue to Bulu Kumba or Tanjung Bira Beach for about Rp. 40.000 in cost. In the location, public transportations will disappear at evening. If you are eager to get back to Makassar in the same day, you can charter cars with Rp. 500.000 for its cost.

E. Ticket price

Rp. 5.000,00

F. Accommodation and other facilities

It has been equipped with various facilities such as restaurants, hotels, villas and bungalows offering various prices from Rp. 100.000 to Rp. 600.000 / night. Water sports equipments for diving and snorkeling can be easily found with Rp. 30.000 for its costs. If you are eager to look around the destination, you may take motorcycle rental services for about Rp. 65.000. For you loving diving, you can take ferryboat services in the harbor that will carry you to Selayar Island with Rp. 65.000 in cost.

Source : Wisata Melayu

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