A. Brief Information

Sanur Beach, one of the beautiful beaches in Bali Island, offers a panoramic view since a long time ago. Historically, on an inscription written at the tenure of King Kasari Warmadewa (917 A.D.) in Singhadwala Palace, it is stated that the beauty of Sanur Beach has been discovered at the time. Now you can still find the inscription in the southern direction of Sanur Beach in Blanjong Village.

During the colonial government of Dutch occupied Indonesia, Sanur Beach was functioned as the Dutch‘s harbor where they sent the Dutch fleet admiral to attack Badung Kingdom, which was regarded as mutinous kingdom. A war on November 18th 1906 A.D. which was commonly called Puputan Badung was a war to defend motherland Indonesia from the Dutch without fear, though the death was a choice. The war was historically led by Badung King who was helped by local people at the time.

Based on tourism view, Sanur Beach started to be known by international world by a Belgium painter named A.J. Le Mayeur, who later on resided and built painting workshop there, in 1932 A.D. He got married with a famous legong dancer namely Ni Nyoman Pollok, who was also known as his painting model. By his paintings, Le Mayeur started to introduce Sanur Beach to international world and also built a museum nearby the beach named the Museum of Le Mayeur.

B. Distinctive Features

While Kuta Beach offers you with magnificent view of sunset, Sanur Beach gives you a panoramic view of sunrise along the tortuous sandy beach of Sanur. At morning, while delighting in wonderful scenery of sunrise along the coast, seems Nusa Penida Island in the southeastern direction of the beach.

Moreover, the scenery of Sanur Beach at evening is just the same as at morning. Since the water is going to ebb, you can brightly see Serangan Island and a group of coral reef in the south. When the wave is not too high, you will be offered with a splendid view of colorful coral reef on the transmarine.

C. Location

Sanur Beach is situated in Sanur Village, Denpasar Sub-district, Denpasar City, Bali, Indonesia.

D. Access

For you who want to access the location, you can take any accessible public transports from Denpasar City to Sanur for about six km away. Indian taxi can also be your alternatives for you to reach Sanur Beach.

E. Ticket Price

In the confirmation process

F. Accommodation and other Facilities

Sanur Beach and surrounding areas are on the first priority of tourism development programs of Bali local government. That is why, you can easily find star hotels and restaurants as well. Souvenirs peddlers offering traditional work arts of Bali Island can be alternatives for you who want to eternalize your beautiful moments during the visit to Sanur Beach.

Source: Wisata Melayu

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