A. Brief Information

Ijen Crater is an active mountain that is also part of Alas Purwo National Park located in the district of Banyuwangi, East Java Province. Administratively, Ijen Crater lies amidst two districts that are Bondowoso and Banyuwangi districts.
Ijen Crater is situated at an altitude of 2.443 meters, and has ever erupted several times in 1976, 1817, 1913, and 1936. For that reason, a phosphoric pond was created and now, Ijen Crater is known as the biggest sulphuric lake in the world.

B. Distinctive Overview

Feel free to enjoy the magnificent view of coffee plantation on the slope of Mount Ijen, a mount where Ijen Crater is situated at. Coffee produced from the location even is exported to the US, Japan, and China.

Find also the wonderful scenery of Banyupahit Waterfall. The word Banyupahit (literally means bitter water) is derived from sulphuric substance of the water. Consequently, the water around the location looks green. While enjoying the sensation of phosphoric water in Banyupahit waterfall, enjoy the green scenery and fresh air of numerous canary trees growing in a row around the location.

Enough from enjoying nature tourism on the slope of the mount, you may continue the trip to Ijen Crater, which is approximately two to three kilometres away from the slope. A tiring journey, but all will be equally paid after you reach the peak. This 911 x 600 meters wide crater offers panoramic view of green sulphuric pond with 54 hectares and 40 million meters cubic sulphur substance within.

While enjoying the crater‘s loftiness, you will be amazed by several sulphur ferrymen who back and forth shoulder 85 – 120 kilograms of sulphur on their backs. They mine sulphur from the crater (peak) to the slope. An awesome view since the miners working hard to earn for a living by shouldering sulphur for about a kilometres, tracing footpath along the climbing lane.

In addition, August to September is the best time for you to have a visit to the mount since the number of Edelweiss grow everywhere in the mount.

C. Location

The entire area of Mount Ijen encompasses two sub-districts and two districts: Licin and Sempol sub-districts, and Banyuwangi and Bondowoso districts, East Java.

D. Access

To reach Mount Ijen, you can take any public transport or private cars as well. From Situbondo District, which is 90 km south of the mount, you can take public transport leading to Sempol Sub-district of Bondowoso District, spending about two or three hours. Soon after arriving at Sempol, you must continue the trip to the first check post (Paltuding), which is 15 kilometres away, by taking motorcycle transportation services provided by the local inhabitants.

From Banywangi, 15 kilometres north of the mount, you will need approximately 30 minutes to reach Licin Sub-district of the district of Banyuwangi. Then, go on to the first check post (Paltuding) by taking double-gear jeeps provided by the local people. For note, access to the location via this lane (Licin Sub-district) is much more difficult than via Sempol Sub-district, especially during the rainy season.

The first check post (Paltuding) is the start area for all climbers. It is around two to three kilometres away from the post to reach the peak of the mount. It is better to start climbing at dawn to avoid sulphuric dust. In addition, any climbing to the peak is closed at 2 p.m. Likewise, you are suggested to wear maskers for preventing the sulphuric air around the crater and during the climbing.

E. Ticket Price

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F. Accommodation and other Facilities

Some accommodation services have been available to make you feel comfort during the climbing to the Mount Ijen. Some inns are ready for you who want to stay more nights in the location. Another facility is a wide parking area for your cars. Likewise, some food stalls offering typical foods of Bondowoso District can be easily found here.

Source : Wisata Melayu

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